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Stars & Stripes Landscaping in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Stars & Stripes provides complete landscaping construction and maintenance services for residential and commercial sites in the Twin City area. Started in 1995 as a lawn mowing and maintenance company, our services quickly evolved into a full service landscape contractor with the expertise, equipment and dedicated employees to handle any residential and most commercial landscape projects in a timely manner.
With any landscape construction project, it’s the knowledge of the contractor, the beauty and functionality of the design, the quality of the plant specimens and construction materials that make for lasting beauty, value and a satisfied customer. Stars & Stripes will do your landscaping project right so you can more fully enjoy the outdoor space around your home.
Note: After the first two years of lawn mowing and maintenance, Stars and Stripes has not done any advertising. Why? Simply because we haven’t had to. Thankfully all our new business comes from referrals and very satisfied past clients.
This website was put together because past customers and designers kept saying that we ought to have a website to showcase the quality of our work.
“Here is what we do, we do it right and we’ll do it well for you.”